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LostLevels Unreleased Games Database / High Heat Baseball '98 0, 2 , 0, 0
> High Heat Baseball '98
Publisher: 3DO Company
Developer: ?
Platform: Sony Playstation
Status: Does Not Exist
Region: ?
Type: Original Game
Images: Case: 1 Scans: 1

Appeared on PlayStation.com's "Upcoming Games" schedule as a June 1998 release, but never materialized. High Heat Baseball 1999 was the first released game in the series, and given its PC release mere months before this title was schedule to debut on the PlayStation, we're left to assume that "98" was a typo, and this game was actually a port of High Heat Baseball 1999.

To make matters even more confusing, a May 12, 1998 thread on newsgroup rec.sport.baseball (Google archive) suggests an actual sighting of High Heat Baseball 98, and a response even gives gameplay impressions! However, we're left to assume that this is also a typo, given that High Heat Baseball 1999 (for the PC) was already on store shelves at the time.

Regardless, a High Heat Baseball title did not appear on the Sony PlayStation until High Heat Baseball 2000, meaning that typo or not, this game is unreleased.

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