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LostLevels Unreleased Games Database / Return of Donkey Kong 0, 1 , 0, 0
> Return of Donkey Kong
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: ?
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System
Status: ?
Region: North America
Type: Original Game
Images: Scans: 1

  • "This is your chance to get hold of that barrel-throwing, mischief-making rascal Donkey Kong and take control! Nintendo's best known character is back. And he's up to more tricks and trouble than you can imagine!" - Official Nintendo Player's Guide (pg 159).

  • "And now Donkey Kong is soon to come back with more barrel-tossing fun. But this time you're in control. Are you video buff enough to handle the one-and-only Return of Donkey Kong? Watch for it!" - Fun Club News #5 (pg 10).

  • "That crazy barrel-throwing Donkey Kong is at it again! Now's your chance to catch him, but beware, he's got even more troubles in store for you!" 1 or 2 alternating players. - Video Game Quest (pg 3.19).

  • "Coming Soon... Nintendo Entertainment System. May... The Return of Donkey Kong (Nintendo)" - Electronic Game Player May/June 1988 (pg 5).

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