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> Aqua Aqua
Publisher: Eon Digital Entertainment
Developer: Zed Two
Platform: Sony Playstation
Status: M.I.A.
Region: ?
Type: Conversion
AKA: Aqua Aqua - Wetrix 2.0 (Europe)
Images: Case: 1 Screenshots: 1 2 3 (gallery)

Sequel to the N64 puzzle game Wetrix. Aqua Aqua was released on the PlayStation 2, this PlayStation 1 conversion was coded during lead programmer David 'Bone' Gill's free time in-between projects.

From executive producer Ste Pickford:
Bone had some free time between projects and as an exercise decided to converted the PlayStation 2 version of AquaAqua back down to the PSOne, some time after the PS2 release. It worked really well on the older platform. We would never have attempted to make a PSOne version this graphically advanced, but once you have the finished code in front of you, you always find a way to get it to work on a less powerful platform.

It hadn't cost us much, so although making money would be nice, we were more interested in getting a bit more publicity for the Wetrix game. We initially tried to give it away for free via Official PlayStation magazine, and Future seemed enthusiastic, but there was some rule from Sony (I think) about full games not being given away, so we couldn't do it.

It would have made a great budget game, and we signed a deal with Eon and even went through the approval process with Sony and had the final version ready for manufacture. Unfortunately Eon didn't pay us anything, then went bust, so this great little game was never released.
Releases: PS2
Pickford Brothers' Softography entry

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