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Microsoft Xbox (1)
MS-DOS (3)
Nintendo 64 (2)
Nintendo Entertainment System (31)
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Sega Genesis (4)
Sega Master System (55)
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These terms are mostly subjective and controlled by the Lost Levels staff.
Confirmed - A game is Confirmed when we can verify that somewhere, somebody possesses a reasonably playable version of it.
M.I.A. - A game that is M.I.A. is one that we have good reason to believe was a reasonably playable game at some point in time, but that we can not currently locate the remnants of.
Does Not Exist - A game Does Not Exist if it never reached a playable, presentable state. Most often these games never went beyond a pre-production, planning phase. Other times, only preliminary work was done, usually in the areas of art, rudimentary code, or physics. In certain other cases, a typo or a misunderstanding caused a title to appear in publication that was never meant to exist. When considering a game's status, we simply ask ourselves, "Was there ever a point in history where we could have played something that could have reasonably been called a game?" If the answer is no, the game Does Not Exist.
? - Rumor? Conjecture? Hoax?...we can't even fathom a guess.

North America - USA, Canada, Mexico
Japan - ...Japan
Europe - Europe gets the shaft, repeatedly.
Other - Like on Lost.

These should cover anything that may come up.
Localization - Adapting a game from the same platform, but a different region.
Conversion - Recreating a game from another platform.
Original - From the concept up, an original piece of work.
Hardware - Peripherals, like modems.