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LostLevels Unreleased Games Database / Cube Zone 0, 2 , 0, 0
> Cube Zone
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: ?
Platform: Sega Master System
Status: ?
Region: Europe
Type: ?
AKA: Cube World
Images: Scans: 1 2

Other than rare listings in promotional materials of the time, the only information currently known about Cube Zone is the following description from a Sega retail sales folder (courtesy smstributes.co.uk):
Wild NEW action from the outer reaches of space! Defend your moon against the evil alien fleet. Colorful, explosive graphics!
This would appear to be a description of another SEGA game, Galactic Protector. Though we're not aware of any cubes in Galactic Protector, we're left to assume that Cube Zone was simply a working title for it.

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