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LostLevels Unreleased Games Database / Cliffhanger 0, 4 , 4, 0
> Cliffhanger
Publisher: Sony Imagesoft
Developer: Spidersoft
Platform: Sega Master System
Status: M.I.A.
Region: Europe
Type: Conversion
Images: Artwork: 1

Based on the 1993 film starring Sylvester Stallone, the Sega Master System version of Cliffhanger was going to be a port of Spidersoft's take on the license (as opposed to Malibu Interactive, who handled the 16-bit console versions). This universally panned game was released for the Game Gear which, for most intents and purposes, plays identically to what the Sega Master System version would have been. Also available on the NES, Game Boy, and the Commodore Amiga.
Releases: Amiga, Game Boy, Game Gear, NES

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