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LostLevels Unreleased Games Database / Aigina's Prophecy 0, 10 , 10, 0
> Aigina's Prophecy
Publisher: Vic Tokai
Developer: Vic Tokai
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System
Status: M.I.A.
Region: North America
Type: Localization
AKA: Vagina's Prophecy
Images: Case: 1 2 Screenshots: 1 2 3 (gallery)

Listed as "Coming Soon" in the May/June 1988 issue of Electronic Game Player (pg. 5, source: Grand Nestral Station), Aigina's Prophecy was set to be a localization of Vic Tokai's popular Famicom game, Aigiina no Yogen. The game starred an archaeologist named Jason, who goes on a quest to gather the "Stones of Aura" and save the world from a meteor. He does this by killing monsters and collecting keys, mostly.

Interestingly, a version of Aigina's Prophecy did see limited release in the U.S.: Vic Tokai commissioned the now-defunct Manchester, UK developer Software Creations to port the game to the Commodore 64, complete with a new English-language script. This conversion features a new soundtrack by Geoff Follin, making it slightly superior to the Famicom version in our eyes. Another Vic Tokai Famicom title, Chester Field, was also converted by Software Creations to the Commodore 64. Like Aigina's Prophecy, Chester Field also had an American NES conversion planned and later canceled.

A fan-created English translation project for Aigiina no Yogen was initiated in 2000 by "KP Hacks & Translations," but never saw completion.

Releases: C64, NES (Japan)

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