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LostLevels Unreleased Games Database / Ace Harding: Lost in Las Vegas 0, 3 , 3, 0
> Ace Harding: Lost in Las Vegas
Publisher: Kemco of Japan
Developer: Kemco of Japan
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System
Status: M.I.A.
Region: North America
Type: Conversion
Images: Screenshots: 1 2 3 (gallery)

Sequel to Deja Vu. Was released on a number of home computers, under the title 'Deja Vu II: Lost in Las Vegas.' The NES version was listed in all known media as 'Ace Harding: Lost in Las Vegas,' whether this title change was meant to be permenant is unknown.

Was also released on the Game Boy Color as part of a compilation titled 'Deja Vu II: The Casebooks of Ace Harding.' It is unknown whether any data from the cancelled NES version was used for this conversion.

This game may have been developed in another language. According to Nintendo Power #44, the game was delayed 'while the English translation gets some professional polish.' It should be noted that this title was not released for the NES in any language at all.
Releases: GBC

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